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Zippo inscribes his name in this 12th Rally of Asturias Historic

The Italian team "Zippo" - Piceno inscribed their name on the
Palmares of the Rally of Asturias Historico, the spectacular Audi Quattro was one of the cars most admired by fans in the two days of competition, the fast couple arrived victorious in Pravia ahead of Jesús Ferreiro-Anido and Daniel Alonso accompanied by Adrián Pérez (winners in Category 4)

Within the Spanish Championship in the Regularity Sport category, the winner was the team formed by Asier Santamaría and Roberto Rentería, behind the beautiful Ford Sierra Cosworth, Santiago Campos and Javier Alonso, while Jaime Carbonell and Enrique Carbonell completed the podium in third position. In the regularity section 60 Francisco Martínez y Adrián
Fueyo won in Pravia, placing next Jose Ramon Castillón / Concha Velázquez and Odón Muñiz / Roberto Rodríguez's Lancia Delta.

Rubén Ruano / José Mario Suarez did the same in the Asturias Sport Regularity Championship, taking first place with their Peugeot 205 Rally, followed by Santiago Campos / Javier Alonso completing the third box of the Fernando Pérez / Asier Cámara podium. Meanwhile in Regularity 60km / h the winner was none other than Francisco Martínez who was accompanied on the podium by Odón Muñiz and Pablo Manuel in third place.

Live connection

Tomorrow second and decisive day of competition in the Rally AsturiasHistoric and double special program in Caballos de Metal (TPA).
Live connection 13:30 H 
Live section (Pravia TC10-SS10) 15:15

Leg 1

After the first day of competition and the five stages completed, the Italian team formed by "Zippo" and Denis Piceno (Audi Quattro) lead the Rally Asturias Historico with an advantage of 8.1 seconds over Jesus Ferreiro / Javier Anido (Ford Escort Mk II) and Daniel Alonso / Adrian Perez (Ford Sierra Cosworth 4X4), third placed and leader of Category 4.

Regarding the Regularity Sport category within CERVH, first place for Jorge Gorroño / Mikel Oleaga (Ford Escort MkII) followed by Carlos Javier / Sergio Marrero (Porsche 911 SC) and Asier Santamaria / Roberto Renteria (Ford Sierra Cosworth) .

The category Regularity 60 km / h (CERVH) leads Francisco Martinez / Adrian Fueyo (VW Golf GTI) ahead of Odon Muñiz / Roberto Rodriguez (Lancia Delta Integrale 16V)

Within the Asturias championship in the Sport regularity section (FAPA), first position for Ruben Ruano accompanied by Jose Mario Suarez (Peugeot 205 GTI) and Francisco Martinez / Adrian Fueyo in first position in the Regularity section 60 km / h.

Tomorrow the second and final day of competition that will start at 11.17 with TC Soto del Barco to complete a total of 7 specials.

¡The Rally Asturias Historico begins!

The Plaza Conde Guadalhorce, in the center of Pravia this afternoon hosted the start ceremony of this new edition of the Historic Asturias Rally with a large influx of public, tomorrow the action begins with the first day of competition and 5 stages ahead.

Official presentation 01/09/2021

The Pravia town hall hosted the official presentation of the 12th Edition of the Historic Asturias Rally on Wednesday evening, with the presence of authorities and participants, the details of this test that will start today at 8:30 p.m. in Parque Sabino Moutas with the start ceremony to play two days of competition on Friday and Saturday.

Attention! Mandatory Document
Mandatory to fill out and present to the collection of documentation at the Rally headquarters.
Document published in the Equipment section (FIA, RFEDA, FAPA)
* Tomorrow the refillable online version will also be available.

Download our magazine

Our magazine with all the information, our sponsors and collaborators of the 12th Rally de Asturias Histórico is now available.

Entry List

The official list of entries for the 12th Rally de Asturias Histórico is now available in the respective sections of Public, Teams and Press.

New definitive schedule itinerary and official Roadbook

Due to last minute changes, the 12º Edition of the Rally Asturias Historic undergoes a small modification. Published the Final Schedule Itinerary and the Official RoadBook.

Today at 8:00 p.m. the official list of registered that has 77 participants.

Itinerary Schedule

The official timetable for the 12th Rally of Asturias Historico to be held on September 2-3 and 4 is now available.

On Friday 27 at 8:00 p.m. the official list of registrants will be published where the participants of this edition will be announced

Here is our poster for the 12th Edition.

Here is our poster for the 12th Edition. We hope you like it. The photograph has been taken by Eduardo Garcia Palacios. 
The protagonist is our good friend and ambassador of our Rally Joaquin Domenech with his Ford Sierra RS Cosworth.

Official RoadBook

The official RoadBook has been published in the teams section of the following Championships: 
  • FIA
  • FAPA

 One Month Left!

Only one month to go before our Rally be a reality.
For this reason, we leave you this little video that we hope you like as much as we do...

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02.08.2021 | Overall Map

The general map of the specials that make up this 12th Rally Asturias Historic to be held on September 2-3 and 4 has been published, you can find it in the teams / public section.

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02.08.2021 | Particular Regulation

The different particular regulations, FIA, CERVH & FAPA have been published in the equipment section.

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28.07.2021 | Public Registration

To comply with the COVID-19 prevention protocols. All the people who attend the competition must be registered to be able to locate them in case of a positive case. The registration will provide you with a QR code that you can always carry on your mobile and with it, you will have access to the competition.

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19.07.2021 |  Registration open

¡The first registrations for the Historic Asturias Rally are open!
The specific regulations are published in the teams section and registrations for the test have been open today, Monday 19.